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At KBC, we are working hard to help you get jobs in Korea. The following tools are free for all community members and are provided thanks to special support by KBC Member/Intern Jared Muloongo (and a KBC Certified Business Professional).

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A Map to a Career in Korea What You Need to Know! by Jared Muloongo


Korean Job Realities: Patterns of Success in Korea with Steven McKinney, president of McKinney Consulting, a leading executive search firm in Seoul.

Top Information on Korea Business Central

KBC-McKinney Consulting “Get a Job in Korea” Webinar

“Working with Executive Recruiters and Planning Your Career in Korea” (Visit the discussion page for this report)

Korea Business Tips

“How Can Foreign Companies Take Advantage of Outdated Organizational Practices in Korea to Recruit for Success in Korea?” “What Sets You Radically Apart from the Countless Young Korean Professionals Currently Looking for a Job in Your Industry in Korea?”

New Korea Economic Slice

“Where is all the talent? Challenges & Opportunities for foreign companies in Korea’s employment market” with Lukas Beech, Director of HR Service at Nowak & Partner.

Job Postings on KBC

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Other KBC Resources

Relay Interview: Jenny Lee – “Career DevelopmentRelay Interview: William Sisson – “A Power Networker from Alabama Helping Others Transition to Business Positions in Korea”

KBC Experts Who Can Help

Experts Corner: Ask Steve McKinney How to Hire The Best Executive in Korea
Experts Corner: Ask William Sisson About Getting a Job in Korea

Expert Commentary at Nojeok Hill: My View from the Top: Get a Job in Korea By Steven S. Bammel and Korean Consulting & Translation Service, Inc.

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Seoul Global Center (Click Working > Find Jobs from the top menu.) Contact Korea

William Sisson

Twitter: @MyJOBs_kr

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