The Korea Business Interview Series is produced by Steven Bammel and hosted by Tom Tucker.

author_DC Didier Chenneveau: Global Expertise Within the Korean Business Framework at LG Electronics

author_book_dw Dick Warmington: Uncovering Korean Potential at Chadwick School in Korea’s New City of Songdo

author_book_pbPeter Bartholomew: Promoting the Value of High-Tech Shipbuilding and Traditional Architecture in Korea

author_book_mmMark Minton: Helping the World Understand Modern Korea and Korea’s Place in Asia

david_Park박동희 / David Park: 끊임없는 도전과 노력으로 인도네시아 조선업을 이끌어가는 위대한 한국인 / A Great Korean Leading the Indonesian Shipbuilding Industry Through Unflinching Effort and Desire to Overcome Obstacles

yong_wookYong Wook Jun, Ph.D.: Business Lessons in Hallyu & Globalization at Solbridge School of Business in Daejeon

author_book_tbTom Brown: Homeplus – Tesco’s Success Story on Entering the Korean Market

hc_author_bookProfessor Ha-Joon Chang: 23 Things They Don’t Tell You About (Korean) Capitalism

author_book_haCommissioner Hank Ahn: Korea Is a Great Destination for Foreign Direct Investment

author_bookDr. David Dolinger: A Participant in Korean History and in Korean-Led Innovation of the Global Medical Industry

author_book_wMarcus Noland: The North Korean Economy & Its Impact on South Korea

author_book_jkrDr. Jin Kyu Robertson: From Immigrant Housemaid to Harvard Ph.D.

author_vcha_wDr. Victor Cha: The US Korean Free Trade Agreement: Where Things Stand and Where They’re Headed

author_peteruPeter Underwood: Business Development in Korea Made Easy(er)

author_amyjacksonAmy Jackson: Making Korea a Better Place to Do Business

author_smSteven McKinney: Korean Job Realities: Patterns of Success in Korea

mr_author_bookMartin Roll: Brand Korea – From the Boardroom to the World

author_yhYoung Ham: The Nuts and Bolts of Setting Up and Running a Company in Korea

author_book_03Tom Coyner: Marketing to the Korean Consumer and Advertising/PR in the Korean Market

rob-everettRob Everett: Transforming Lives, Shaping the Future: Innovation in Korea and Beyond